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I wish to thank you for your mastery in the art of Chairmanship and Governance. For the few years your company has been managing this condominium and having you chairing the meetings, we have had nothing but improvement after improvement. You have demonstrated a skillfulness that is extremely rare in leadership today. I was particularly impressed with the way you dealt with what could have been an explosive situation at our Annual General Meeting last evening. You demonstrated an attitude of fairness and honesty with diplomacy and with an equilibrium that is nothing short of profound. I am one of those who like to give credit when and where it is deserved, and you and the entire staff are worthy of our praise and our appreciation. Thanks so much for being a model Leader.

Yours truly,
Murton Cohen

It has been a privilege working with a leader in the property management field as AA Property Management. Their commitment to service and solutions is unparalleled in our industry. My ongoing relationship with AA Property Management has afforded me the opportunity to develop professionally and was instrumental in diversifying our skills and expertise by taking on a range of challenging and diverse assignments. Most importantly, I have learned from Mr. Tony Abela and his attuned staff that hard work and persistent problem solving are the key tools to success in being effective in property management. Congratulations on your continued success. Thank you for allowing Spectrum to be a part of it.

Yours truly,
Fred Rosen

We have sold 450 Falconwood Hollow. We are sure that the purchasers will enjoy "The Hollow" as much as we have for the last eight years. We want to thank the Board, Mr. Abela and his people at AA Property for helping to make our time here most enjoyable. The Corporation is very well run, the complex looks better and better every year and the speed with which many problems are dealt with is a credit to each and every one of you and we have been fortunate recipients.

Norman Rigg

I'm a resident at #1405-3 Hickory Tree Road. My husband and I are moving back to the building to a 2 bedroom on the 20th floor. Just wanted to say thank you to the new staff that were extremely generous and helpful today with the questions I had. They went over and above and I am very excited to see the changes that AA Property Management & Associates will bring to our building. The ladies today were quite professional and polite. It's a breath of fresh air!

Take Care,
Anthony Conte