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Successfully Serving The Greater Toronto Area Since 1986

Our goal is to build lasting relationships by providing service beyond expectation to each and every client, owner and resident.

Accept challenges with a positive attitude and the highest degree of professionalism, focusing on honesty, integrity, loyalty, understanding, communication, accountability and welfare to all.

Why Choose A. A. Property Management & Associates?

We are operating within today’s technology using yesterday’s experience in order to create the best future for its clients.

Cost Savings

AA Property Management has successfully negotiated many financial agreements for its clients with the banks.

Bank service charges are kept to a minimum, while other accounts earn the best possible interest rates.

Our company has become adept at cost savings without losing quality by using companies that rely upon AA Property Management for a large portion of their work. This gives us the benefit of scale and has proven to be invaluable to other clients.

We offer substantial savings through our continuing negotiations with large companies and all other trades.


We pride ourselves on maintaining close long term relationships with our suppliers, enabling us to provide our clients with outstanding service response and quality.

With AA’s background in the building industry and its association with leading engineering companies, AA has earned a reputation of being able to meet professionals and trades head-on over a wide variety of high level and complicated projects. This greatly reduces the chance of overcharges and generally leads to cost effective control.

AA Property Management brings a unique client based service level to the owners and residents. We are always available for our clients whether the needs are contracted or personally based. We treat all of our clients as part of our family.